Why fitness bands can help to you get moving

Fitbit Collection

I first got a fitness band on my birthday last year (2014). The Fitbit Flex to be exact and I’ve enjoyed using it ever since and I’m hoping to upgrade to a newer model soon.

While some, like me, love fitness bands, there are others who I’ve heard have bought one, worn it for one day, hit their daily target and never wore it again. Why? Because they now know their daily walking routine to and/or from work is 10,000 steps, so they’ll always know they will hit their daily target.

I’m not here to convince those people to wear one, or anyone for that matter. I just want to share why it works for me and helps to get me motivated to keep moving.

My daily routine is different everyday. So it’s interesting to find different ways of hitting my target. I know that a walk to town and back will hit 10,000 steps but I don’t do that everyday. Eventually you’ll know roughly how much walking will get you to 10,000 steps. And when you reach that point, you’ll want to push yourself more and up your daily target. When you hit your target, the Fitbit Flex vibrates and there’s great satisfaction from that. To the point you’ll want to hit your target everyday. Which is the whole point anyway. But I really love that feeling when my wrist vibrates.

I also love the social element too, this really helps to get you up and about. Over on the mobile tech sites I contribute to, the majority of us have a Fitbit of some sort. We create weekday and and weekend challenges within the team. There’s a leaderboard so you can see where you are and it really motivates you to getting walking because you want to be on that top spot. Having other people to compete with will always help to motivate you.

Following on from the social element, you also meet like minded people you would have otherwise not met. They can have tips and tricks to share with you or you have some to give back too. All to help you improve and get better. Outwith the challenges, you have your list of friends where you can see there current step count for the week and you can also cheer them on, or cheekily taunt them, if they’re lagging behind, adding more fun to it.

All-in-all, I love my Fibit as it really helps me to get my exercise in and helps to push me further with the help of others, even if they’re all the way across the globe.

I definitely recommend a fitness band if you want more motivation to get your legs going.

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  • http://dillydrops.co.uk Bek B

    These sound great. I’ve fancied getting one for a while and this has helped me to think more about getting one. They look very cool as well as keeping you fitter.

  • Arianna Helm

    My husband gave me his old Fitbit and I love it! I use it combined with my fitness pal, and it has helped me to lose weight and to know how I’m doing. I’m not able to be physically active, so it’s hard for me to get more than 6,000 steps every day, but I am improving and it is helping.

    • deejay

      Great news. As long as there’s progress, that’s good. Keep at it