The importance of a blogging schedule and planning ahead

As you may know, I signed up for a 30-day blogging challenge to help me get back to blogging on my own personal site. The first four days went swimmingly, I felt on point, confident i could get through it without skipping a day. But come day 5 (and 6) I failed to put up a blog post.

Throughout this challenge you receive a daily tip to help you along your way and one tip, which I know very well since it’s something I do when writing for, is to have a schedule. I plan out what articles to write for the week and beyond that, sometimes. Why I failed to do that for my own blog, I’m not sure. So it’s definitely something on my agenda for getting my future posts out.

Some posts may require more research than others, so you can have that scheduled further down the line to give you time to do the required research. Scheduling is also great when there’s going to be a theme or topic that your posts will be on.

I guess it’s a tip that can be applied for many things. Planning ahead can always help to make things run a little more smoothly. Whatever it may be, not just in the world of blogging. Of course, things can be tweaked as you go along. Things aren’t set in stone but it’s definitely helpful to have some sort of plan and structure in place.

I surely hope that I can complete this challenge without further hiccup. It’s certainly challenging my writing skills and I am enjoying it thoroughly. It’s something I apply to my work, so I should also be applying it to my blog posts.

I certainly welcome anymore tips and tricks you have may suggest.

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