Real book Vs e-Book reading: My experience

I have always been a fan of reading books, since a young age. When e-books came around I never really took interest. I preferred reading from physical books. So much better holding a real book in your hand, flipping the pages, sitting on your bed with a torch or bedside lamp trying to read it at night. However, last week I wanted to read a book, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. The book we had was a big hard back that my partner’s son had bought and I wasn’t keen on lugging around. The previous Dan Brown books we had (The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) were small pocketable-sized ones, so I thought I’d try getting it in e-book form. I had the Amazon Kindle app installed on my Dell Streak so I thought why not. I must say, after getting through a whole book through e-reading, I may have been swayed a little, not to the point that I would stop reading books but there was convenience in being able to read from an e-book. I could open it up wherever I was, my place was always kept, as opposed to losing what page I was on to a bookmark slipping out, it was easier to read at night, even with the lights off, it was light to carry around, I felt I could get more reading done. I just felt it was easier to get some reading time with it as opposed to reading a proper book.

I have since downloaded a few more books to read on my Kindle app. However, I haven’t been reading as much as I thought. Maybe it was just the book I was reading. The Lost Symbol was quite the page turner. Not my favourite of the Robert Langdon series but certainly a good read. I’m currently reading The Becoming: Outbreak by Jessica Meigs, a zombie horror novel. Not normally one to read horror books but since this one was written on a BlackBerry device I felt compelled to read it. Check out more here.

So, I like I said I would still read books but I have been enlightened by my recent experience in reading an e-book that I will certainly be a little more open to reading a few more. Just wish a BlackBerry Amazon Kindle app will be released for non-US users in the near future.

I would also be grateful if anyone could recommend and other books for me to read. Drop me suggestions in the comments.

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