The correct way to eat a chicken wing?

I love chicken wings and I’m pretty sure that most people do. When I came across this article from Bit Rebels about how to correctly eat chicken wings I was quite amazed to see what I saw.

When I eat chicken wings I don’t leave any piece of meat on the bone. That’s how much I love eating chicken wings. And I’m not talking about the drumstick part, I’m taking about the actual wing part that has two bones in it. Once I’ve eaten the meat around, I separate the bones and eat the meat in between. That’s pretty much how I’ve been eating chicken wings all my life.

After seeing the video I was surprised to know that some people eat the wing part by just going around the two bones and wasting the meat pieces in between the bones. Why would anyone do that? I’ve eaten chicken wings the same way I have ever since I was a child and the way shown in the video below is a nice, neat, new way to do so without wasting any meat but the fact that some people do surprised me a little. I may not change the way I eat chicken wings to the one suggested in the video but it certainly is a great way to eat them with dip.

Check out the video for yourself.

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